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    #apexir_SAVED_REPORTS find current value


      APEX Version


      I have read and tried different proposed solutions on how to detect a user selecting a saved IR report from the report's builtin dropdown list.

      I am finding the same issue, where it might work once on the PRIMARY/DEFAULT select, and once again on the 1st selected saved report, but it doesnt detect any changes after that.


      Ex: (following previous posts):

      Dynamic Event

      Event: Change

      Selection Type: Jquery

      Selector Value: #apexir_SAVED_REPORTS

      Conditions: None


      Then I just added a TRUE action of an Alert.

      Fire On Page Load = True


      The Alert fires once (I believe because of the Fire On Page Load = True), as the page displays the default (Primary report).

      It fires again as I select a saved report.

      But, it doesnt fire again, even if I select the default/Primary report.


      I have noticed the same behavior if I changed the event to Click; Selection Type: Jquery; Selector Value: #apexir_SAVED_REPORTS

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          Try changing the "Event Scope" of the dynamic action.

          It defaults to bind, I think you want live.


          What is happening is that the page ties your event to the actual elements on the page when it loads.  Then after selecting something the report gets refreshed (via AJAX) and the page receives brand new HTML content. That new content is NOT tied to the initial event, those elements are long gone.

          BUT with a "live" scope the event is checked for the whole page "live" regardless of what changes.  Hope this makes sense.  It's a cool concept.




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            That was it! Thank you so much for your time, and excellent explanation!