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    Bi Publisher in OAF




      I am trying to load develop BI publisher report in OAF. I have tried below links to do but receving 'Error(39,41): identifier DocumentHelper not found'




      Also i have done below action. Please do let me know if any thoughts


      Transfer the xdo directory and its contents from $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps on the server to myclasses.
      After the transfer is complete, you will have a directory named <JDEV_USER_
      HOME>/myclasses/oracle/apps/xdo on your desktop. The transfer of files with
      extension “.class” must be done in binary mode. XDO is the short name of the XML
      Publisher application. $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/xdo contains the BI Publisher API
      TemplateHelper.processTemplate. This API is used for generating the output for the
      BI Publisher report.