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Issue with quickQuery component in

Stephen J. Journeyer
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I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if it is there for a purpose I don't understand, but the template for MODEL_QUICK_SEARCH_REGION (modelQuickSearchRegion.vm) is mapping the value property of the quickQuery component to


instead of



This is causing the system to generate a dynamic view criteria at run time and not use the view criteria which we set in the JHS definition editor (which, for instance, caused it to query an attribute using a STARTSWITH operator rather than the "=" operator we had set in the VC).  Changing "quickQueryDescriptor" to "queryDescriptor" seems to have resolved this issue.


The generated VC had a really long system generated name like:



This same issue was also causing odd behavior in the advanced query panel (model style) when switching between quick and advanced.  We initially solved this by using separate VCs for advanced and quick, but the change to the template allows us to go back to using 1 VC (which is easier to support, though there's a separate ADF issue that still requires us to use 2).