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    good way to get the number of records in a block


      Working with forms 11g .

      I want to know the amount of records that are currently in a block, being that the :system.cursor_record you might get if you issue a last_record built-in.


      This seems the kind of thing that should be easy to get with a get_block_property, but I've been looking for the property and I haven't found it.


      There are various properties fo get_block_property that are related to number of records, but none seems to fit what I need. The best is QUERY_HITS. It works fine when you have just executed a query (with all records) , but if you add or delete records, it keeps its old value, so it's no use.


      The last_record trick is quite dirty (and implies navigation, which is worse) ... Can you think of anything better?


      I have tried with a summary item, and it works, but I'm not sure if it is reliable, and it is still too much for something that should be in a property