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    I deleted a breadcrumb but it didn't really get deleted


      I have an issue where I deleted a couple of breadcrumbs from the breadcrumb menu but they still show up on my pages. I cannot create a new breadcrumb as the application builder gives me a message saying the page already has a breadcrumb although I cannot see it.

      How do I either get my breadcrumb back so I can change it or get rid of it so I can create a new breadcrumb for this page? I am assuming there is an apex internal table which holds this information. Is it possible to use another tool like pl/sql developer to access that table and delete the breadcrumbs for a particular page?  I am on version 4.2 and not sure if this is a bug (I am assuming it is). Would upgrading to 4.3 solve this issue? Any help would be appreciated!




      Message was edited by: CarolynV I saw an earlier post about this and it is a bug. To see the missing breadcrumbs you have to use the tabular view for the breadcrumb under shared components. The missing breadcrumbs will show up on that report and you can delete them from that view. I was able to do this and to re-create my breadcrumb for the affected pages.