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    How to configure two HTTP Listen ports?




      we have two applications one is SALES and other is DSS, both are running on same server form and report server, by using below URL's:





      SALES application is accessing from inside of local domain, and

      DSS is accessing from outside of domain.

      So, we have set this port # 7777 as open on firewall for both local and remote users, by this setting

      DSS users can also view the login screen by using URL: http://hostname.domain.com:7777/forms/frmservlet?config=sales


      Problem is that we want to configure another port#  inseated 7777, and that port will only access from inside of domain.



      So, How we can configure two HTTP ports on forms and server 10g?


      Is their any other solution to secure the envoirnment?





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