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    Tabular form "calculated column"

    Waqas Ali Joya

      Hi guys,


      I have built a tabular form. I have a column name 'Amount' in the table on which tabular form is made. Then i added two non-table columns 'Amount1' and 'Amount2' by editing the query of the tabular form. Both are null initially. i.e.


      Select ... , Amount, null Amount1, null Amount2 from t_table;


      Both of these non-table columns are displayed as text fields.

      The purpose of these two non-table columns is that before insert or update operation the values in these non-table columns will be added and sum will go into the original database column 'Amount'. i.e.




      But i am getting an error saying "current version of data in database has changed since user initiated update process".

      If i display these two non-table columns as simple text (does not save state) there is no problem. But i have to use these as text fields.


      As far as i remember it can easily done in oracle forms in before insert update trigger.

      I am using Apex 4.2.


      Please help.