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    Primavera P6 R8.2 Recource ID Restrictions

    Erdem Uysal


      I have realized that the resources with the IDs contain brackets "[ ]" are not being reported right. For example a resource with a ID "[M]BimsDuvar" returns blank page. When you save the reoprt and run it, it gives irrelevant out put. When you remove one bracket and let it be "[MBimsDuvar" then P6 gives an error and P6 closes its self with an error;

      Event code: VMCRT-2378-4

      Description: TCVariableMgr.CreateReplaceTags: Unterminated variable field


      If you change the bracket direction to "]" and name ID as "M]BimsDuvar", P6 gives an error with;


      Event Code: VQASC-1434-9

      Description: TCVirtualQuery.AddSummaryColumn: Source field 'late_overalloc_qty' does not have a join. Unable to create a lookup summary.


      I think there must be a restriction for naming the Resource IDs.The special characters which have SQL meainigs must not be used in Resource IDs. Could you please check and verify that statement?



      Erdem Uysal