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    Integration of ADF with Oracleform


      Hi Team,

      Can some one please help me to understand about the integration of ADF and Oracle forms.

      As of now,I don't have development environment to install them and try it.

      Very limited documentation on integration of both these technologies.

      My requirement is to provide a Oracle- form application with ADF and my approach would be like following.

      1) Develop Oracle forms by using Oracle form builder and deploy it on Oracle form server

      2) Use JSF with Oraformfaces to embed Oracle forms as part of the application.


      Can some one please answer to my queries.


      1) Does Oraformfaces would provide the feasible solution?

      2) Do we need to install any jars/plug-ins at client side ?  

      3) Any Internet application available as integration of both these technologies

      4) Does this application would suite for the managing  documents (integration with DMS) and integration with TIBCO ?

      5) Is it a secure way to invoke Oracleforms through JSF ?