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    Applet Message Dialogs and Pop-up Windows Disappearing


      Issue Summary:

      Applet message Dialogs and pop-up windows are disappearing and entire browser is getting locked. When "Next Generation plug-in" disabled from Java Console this problem goes away. We would like to know if there is a programmatic solution to this issue.


      Detailed Description:

      1. Message Dialogs (CMJOptionPane.showMessageDialog()): When users move the focus from Message Dialog to other parts of applet application, dialog box disappears.
        Expected behavior: Until user clicks on “OK” button on the Message dialog, this dialog should stay on top. It not disappear even focus is moved to other parts of the browser.


          2. Popup Dialogs:   When Applet application tries to open a new pop-up dialog (JDialog), the popup is disappearing. There is no way users can get hold of this pop-up.


      JRE Version Used: 1.6.0_31

      Browser: Internet Explorer 9

      OS: Windows 7 SP1 64-bit


      A sample applet will be provided if needed.