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    Bugreport: APEX 4.2 - wrong default on "Wait for Result"


      Hi APEX Team,


      I've encountered a Bug around the "Wait for Result" Flag on DA Actions when upgrading an existing application.


      • In our scenario we've developed an application with APEX 4.1, then imported this into a 4.2 instance.
      • There we added "Wait for Result" as standard attribute on one of the DA Plugins we use.
      • Now when looking at a page where this dynamic action is used, the builder shows a checked "Wait for Result" flag
      • and of course the DA doesn't wait for result when running it


      So the bug is that the "Wait for Result" flag is set to checked (App 4000, Page 591) , although its value is NULL. It should be checked only when the value is Y.


      This is very confusing when you investigate an issue...