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    Styling items in Site Studio Contributor




      Similar to the way that contributors can style text by assigning predefined CSS classes through the style drop-down menu in a Site Studio Contributor form, I would also like to give them the ability to style ordered lists and tables (border-type, mainly). Is this possible? I have tried specifying these styles to be added in the style drop-down menu with no luck, as it seems to ignore any non text-based styles with some exceptions. If accomplishing this is not possible, is there a way to pre-format these lists/tables and give contributors options to pick from? Using WYSIWYG elements is not an acceptable solution for me because most of my contributors do not know anything about HTML and CSS. I come from an Interwoven system that has many features available for administrators to set (which CSS classes are available, context-sensitivity of classes, etc.). I am wondering if there is something similar in UCM.


      If I am unclear, please let me know and I will elaborate.


      Thank you for your time.