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    ops$ and forms 11g


      Hi ,

      We are in a middel of a project to upgrade our Forms6i client-server to Forms11g (web).

      The Forms 11g application is up and running .

      In the database level (oracle 10gr2) our end users connecting to the database as an external user , e.g: OPS$XXXXXX


      The problem is that application is starting as the owner of the schema (say SCOTT for example) and not as OPS$ as it used to be in forms6i.

      Having so cause as several problems :

      1) All the users in v$session are getting SCOTT priviliges and not OPS$ , which mean that i cant identified which user is executiong a form or report

      2) Since the DBUSER is SCOTT and not OPS$ , means that the stored procedure in the DB are NOT running under the right user.


      Please advice how to solve this issue.



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          Using the sample Demo Schema "SCOTT" is not recommended.  Practically everyone in the Oracle world knows what the password to the SCOTT schema is.


          One option would be to use a CONTEXT setting that defines the default schema for your users.  This allows you to use individual database accounts (for access countrol) and point all of those accounts to a specific (default) schema.


          Another option (not a good one) would be to explicitly reference the SCOTT schema in all of your code.  This option requires you to add "SCOTT." to every database object reference.  Like I said, this is not a good option, but it is an option.



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            Hello Carig,

            Its seems to be that i wasnt clear enough .


            In forms 11g , there is a file named : formsweb.cfg

            At this file i have the following entry :






            While devdb is the database name , xxx is the name of the schema owner , and yyy is the password of that user.

            All my end users do NOT own any database objects at all.

            All they have is a priviges that the owner of the schema (xxx) assigned to them.

            For example they have assigned insert and select on table A at schema XXX



            1) Since all my end users are externaly users (e.g OPS$ABCD....) , they cant connect to the forms11g application as external users.

                What should i do in order to allow them to connect to the forms application.

            2) If i will follow your first option , then user A for exmaple will became to be XXX , and have all its privileges - and its somthing that i dont what.


            Please advise how i can solve this problem .