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    Issue in ODI Installtion on solaris box


      I am trying to install oracle Data integrator (ODI) ver..  on Solaris server.

      I am installing the same on Solaris for the first time.

      All basic set up like java_home, path and profiler are also updated as per the JDK version.

      X11 forwarding is also enabled now for the user. Now we are able to see the xclock for this particular user.

      We also ran the installer in the debug mode still no logs are coming from which we can guess that what can be a issue.


      We are getting the below error on Solaris box,


      Initializing Java Virtual Machine from /apps/packages/java/jdk6u37/jdk/jdk1.6.0_37/bin/java. Please wait...

      gws09072appw028: Log: /apps/oracle_client/client_11G/inv/logs/install2013-10-30_07-41-53AM.log

      [ERROR]: Installer has encountered an internal Error. Contact Oracle support with details


      Please help me on the same.