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    List of Values message on Status Line


      I am baffled.   I have one form that does not display "List of Values" when the cursor is tabbed into an item where an LOV is available.   This works in dozens of other forms, but not this one.


      The status line correctly displays the number of records in the block, but the List of Values message does not appear.


      It is probably some little setting, but I cannot seem to find it.

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          If you press  Ctrl+L - are you getting the LOV .  Is it happening in all the clients or only on a particulare client.


          Either case, just  remove the LOV from ITem, Save . Then  Attach the LOV. It should work

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            It turns out it only happens on one client, a Windows 7 platform.   On the other workstations, all Windows Vista, the List of Values message appears on the status line.


            Removing the LOV from the item's property palette did not work.  I removed it, saved and closed the form.  Then re-opened the form, added the LOV, compiled and tried it.   Did not change anything.


            Edit....  Working on the form today, the "List of Values" message started showing up again.   I have no clue what I changed, as I was making numerous modifications, and did not notice immediately when the message began working again.   ...frustrating.


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