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    Return to Vendor not generating Debit Memo


      Customer on 12.1.3 has encountered frequent situations where a Return to Vendor transaction does not generate a debit memo. Further analysis by support revealed that the Pay on Receipt ran for the original PO receipt and it populated the ap interface but the Payables Open interface failed on that specific run. Also there are occurances where the scheduled runs of the Pay on receipt Autoinvoice scheduled run occured after a return was done for the receipt and in these situations, the debit memo creation does not happen and subsequent invoicing of the receipt does not result in the debit memo creation for the return


      The following could reproduce the issue

      1) Enter a PO

      2) Receive the PO

      3) Submit the Pay on receipt which spawns the Payables open interface( in customers case the payables open interface failed, to mimic this we could put this program on hold)

      4) Do a Return to vendor

      The receiving transaction processor is called and now the PO reflects the return to vendor in the PO Shipments form, but the debit memo is not created


      This results in billed quantity exceeding PO quantity and places holds on invoices and also causes excess payments to suppliers


      How does the customer overcome the above situation and what could be done to trigger the debit memo creation when the return is done prior to invoicing?


      Santosh Rao