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    one item joins many rows


      Hello, every one



      I have two tables,

      table one has the primary key is beneficiary_number

      table two has the foreign key is follower_number

      I want to join them , I wrote this query





      select w.beneficiary_number ,




      w.identification_number ,

      w.id_issue ,

      w.phone_number ,

      w.important_ontes  ,


      from oracle_waqf  w JOIN

      oracle_followers f

      ON (w.beneficiary_number = f.follower_number)

      where (w.beneficiary_number  = 5 );



      Now, the normal report will show me every person in a page,,,,

      the different is in the name of the follower name,,,

      what I want is

      I want this query to be displayed as the following:

      the details will be given from oracle_waqf table,

      and the followers will be all in a list,,,



      I am using Oracle report 6i



      thank you