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    Updating a temporary table thru a procedure


      Hi, let's say i have a reference table named LP_TEST.  From this table I get records and insert them into a temporary table named LP_TEMP.  After inserting the records, i run a procedure named CALC_AREA, which is used to update a certain column AREA in table LP_TEMP (putting values into the column AREA from NULL).  Inside my procedure CALC_AREA, i have a commit.  After running the procedure, I query the value of AREA from LP_TEMP table but it seemed that the column AREA was not updated.  However, i did the same exact thing but instead of using a temporary table, i used a regular table named LP_TEMP_TEST.  In this, table, i get an output for column AREA.


      What is the problem with my temporary table?  I have ON_COMMIT, PRESERVE ROWS and NO_CACHE set on my temporary table.  Does update table in a procedure run on temporary tables?  I am using Form Builder  Please help.  Thanks