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    Outside In Image Export 8.3.7 (sx-8-3-7-win-x86-64)


      Hi 2all !

      Help to process the file http://sdrv.ms/189qxAj (file from the closed system).

      Outside In Image Export can not open the PDF/A and made JPG for preview.

      Treatment is successful! but JPG containing white sheet.


      ix.cfg - default


      @IF %1_X == _X GOTO showparams
      @IF %2_X == _X GOTO showparams
      @IF %3_X == _X GOTO showparams
      @IF %4_X == _X GOTO notimeout
      java -classpath .\Export.jar;ExportTest.jar ExportTest %1 %2 %3 %4
      @GOTO end
      java -classpath .\Export.jar;ExportTest.jar ExportTest %1 %2 %3
      @GOTO end
      @ECHO -----------------------------------------
      @ECHO . Usage is
      @ECHO .    ExportTest.bat inputPath outputPath configfile [timeout(ms)]
      @ECHO .
      @ECHO -----------------------------------------