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    Steps for project execution




      I'm trying to understand how to use P6. I filled the initial data-bases with Resources/Roles/OBS. I have set the project (with WBS and Activities and planned time and resources and expenses and steps and relations between them.....).

      First question: How do I determine the activities to line-up according to relations between them? Mine start all at the same day and stretch as long as I told them to and the relations-line are driven by the activities (not the other way).

      Let's say I'll find a way to make them sit the way they should. Now what? This is supposed to be my plan that I should follow. How do I "cast it in stone" so I can apply actual data about the project and have a PV. If I baseline it, the planned duration of the activity doesn't freeze so I can apply only the actual duration and the same with the labor units allocated. I think that's why my EV=PV.

      So, what are the steps to follow after the chart is obtained?


      Thank you!