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    How to Import Maintenance Work Orders into Oracle EAM through Interface Tables?




      I need to know -- How to process a Maintenance Work Order into Oracle EAM through interface tables? Are there any Open Interfaces available to Import Work Orders into Oracle EAM?


      My search on Internet lead to conclude that “EAM work orders use the same tables that are used by WIP” (WIP_JOB_SCHEDULE_INTERFACE and WIP_JOB_DETAILS_INTERFACE). I have tried, but not able to Import Work Orders using these interface tables and “WIP Mass Load” program.


      The Oracle EAM implementation guide doesn't show up any Open Interface to achieve this except the "EAM_PROCESS_WO_PUB.Process_WO public API". But I don't want to use APIs in this scenario.


      Please help me with this piece of information. Thanks.