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    EA3 13.30 : drop table menu


      The drop table menu option has disappeared with this version

      It works with 10/11G database but with a 9i, the option is absent

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Hi user2318231,


          Given the following facts, I would guess this may be a side-effect of cleaning up code referencing RDBMS versions past their extended support end dates:


          1. Oracle 9.2 extended support ended July 2010.

          2. Database test instances readily available to SQL Developer Dev and QA groups currently include 10gR2 through 12cR1.

          3. Backward compatibility of current JDBC driver versions becomes more and more problematic when using RDBMS releases early than current - 2 (12 - 2 = 10).


          You may well be stuck at SQL Developer 3.2.2 for the operations against the 9i instance.




          SQL Developer Team   

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