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    Total Tuxedo Requests Queued metric question, using PeopleSoft plugin on EM12c


      I've recently installed the PeopleSoft plugin for use with EM12c.  The PeopleSoft environments being monitored are all generating an alert based on the out-of-box Tuxedo metric.  I want to tune this metric to more accurately reflect our environment threshholds, however, after using the native tuxedo tools on the appservers themselves to examine the environments, I question whether EM is reporting the queued value correctly.


      When I look at the Tuxedo aspects of the environments using the tmadmin tool, it indicates nothing is queued for any of the environments on this server.  EM, however, is reporting that each environment has 6-8 connections queued.  The other thing that makes me question the correctness of these values is that, even though these domains are up, they are not being used.  These are TEST, DEV and DEMO environments and no one is actively working in them at the moment so there is minimal load/activity.


      I'm probably just not understanding something and would greatly appreciate a pointer to a document, or clarification as to why EM is reporting Tuxedo values differently from what is reported by tmadmin.