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    Import Format Audit FDM


      I have a few questions around import formats as I have recently seen some new approached that I have not seen before:


      Firstly are Import Formats auditable? Can the changes etc be tracked?


      Secondly the formats I see are concatenating GL accounts and a few things from the GL to create a new "unique" account that is then mapped in FDM.




      in the GL


      GL Account

      810000 - Revenue $10,000


      GL Attribute1

      BL - Blue


      GL Attribute2

      T1 - Dakota


      FDM Import

      Then creates a source GL Account of



      FDM mapping

      810000BLT1 = TO_00001



      TO_00001 $10,000


      Has anyone seen this before, where effectively a new account is created from the import format ?

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          1. I can't make a comment on FDMEE, but what is now 'classic' FDM does not audit the import format table. However if it is a requirement, then i am sure your DBA could sort something out


          2. Yes, this is quite common, but perhaps more for the other dimensions rather than the account dimension.