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    Accounts issue





      I have Oracle WCC 11g in my win 7 machine


      I have enabled accounts in Oracle WCC. and restarted the server



      Steps Used for Creation of account

      1. In weblogic Users & groups, created account "@acc1(RW)"

      2. Assigned user "user2" to account "@acc1(RW)" in weblogic

      3. Log in to Oracle WCC and added account "acc1" in user admin applet.




      Log in to Oracle WCC with user "user2", its showing only read permission.



      Expected Behaviour is user2 should have RW permission.



      Any steps in missing here.



      Thanks In advance

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          Anand U



          Remove the Account mapping in UCM (Admin Applet) and re-login as user2 and see what is shown in his profile. You need not do an Account mapping when it is coming from an external source. This mapping is needed only for Pre-defined Accounts in UCM.



          - Anand

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            Hi Anand,


            Followed the suggestion said by you, Issue still persist..

            User not behaving as expected.


            In profile of user2 i see


            User Name:user2
            Roles: guest, authenticated
            Accounts:acc1, #none
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              Anand U



              This is because the role 'guest' and 'authenticated' has only READ access to the Security Group that you have assigned to the content. Please note that when you enable Accounts the final permission on the content is derived using intersection of 'Role to Security Group' AND 'Accounts'.

              Ref: Accounts



              - Anand

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                Hi Ananad,



                Thank you!!!


                Am already familiar with the behavior of account & SG when applied to content.



                Now what i did is i provided admin privileges to "user2".

                But still i see user has only read permission.



                Expected behavior: User should able to see all admin tab & also all the contents of the system.


                What i see from the user proffile is Accounts r been applied to user but not permissions.



                Just clarification...@user(RWD) this is the correct way to create accounts and assigning permissions in weblogic rite



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                  Anand U



                  The way you are setting the permissions in Weblogic is fine. Did you create a new group 'admin' and assigned this to the user2 in Weblogic? and still it does not show the administration tab.


                  The permissions are not shown in the user profile, it will be just acc1. Please try to update the content to know if you do not have sufficient privileges to do so, that shows you do not have access.


                  Also, try to enable 'checkordetermineaccess, userprofile' trace and see if you get more information.


                  - Anand

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                    Hi Anand,


                    Created SG with admin rights and assigned to user2,, its working as expected!!!


                    Yep it will not show permission in profile .. I can only see the content that has been created with acc1, when i tired to update "Insufficient privilege".


                    Don't see any errors in log also....


                    Thank You!!