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        Yes that is all very strange indeed !


        I restarted my databases this morning and now only 2 properties are showing as inconsistent in my logical Standby i.e. ArchiveLagTarget and LogArchiveMinSucceedDest. For some reason LogArchiveTrace and LogArchiveFormat are no longer coming up an Inconsistent ( even though I have changed nothing )


        The strange thing is that the ArchiveLagTarget and LogArchiveMinSucceedDest settings are not in any of the SPFILES of my primary, physical standby and logical standby. Also I have never changed these settings on the Logical Standby ( either directly through Sqlplus or through DGMGRL ). So whilst they do not appear in any SPFILE, I in fact have to enter them ( via DGMGRL ) into the SPFILE for the Logical Standby, in order to get it to be consistent with the In Memory setting of the Broker Config.


        Indeed when I set them for my Logical Standby through DGMGRL, the Broker Config then becomes successful.


        How stange !

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          Hello again;


          Generally this is an  inconsistency between the SPFILE and configuration file for broker. Once you start using broker, you have to make your changes in broker only or you will have mismatches and issues like this.


          Best Regards



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            it looks as if there must be inconsistencies from the very outset. The reason I say this is because this is the first time I have converted all 3 of these instances ( primary, physical standby, logical standby ) to use the Broker, prior to this Data Guard was being managed using SqlPlus for these 3 instances.


            So my very first task was to create the Broker Configuration for these 3 instances - it was at this point I got the inconsistencies for the logical standby. I hadn't done anything or changed anything in its SPFILE at this point. Also what was strange was that the inconsistencies it was reporting for this logical standby where for ArchiveLagTarget and LogArchiveMinSucceedDest - i.e. 2 parameters not explicitly set in the SPFILES of any of the 3 instances !


            How wierd is that ! So in fact to get around the problem and successfully create my initial Broker Config for these 3 instances, I had to use DGMGRL to explicity set the ArchiveLagTarget and LogArchiveMinSucceedDest in the Logical Standby instance ( which gets reflected into the SPFILE for this instance ) whilst the other 2 instances do not have these parameters explicitly set in their respective SPFILE !


            Like I say - all a bit strange !

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