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    EM12c Install on VmWare Machine


      Hello all.


      My name is Joe. New here. We are looking at the requirements for EM12c. We have VMWare ESX. We have installed the EM12c on the test VM. We are using the same VM as an agent only to test alerts and incidents. Problem we are having is that the EM12c keeps crashing. CPU is at 100% sometimes. We have 100 Gigs space allocated for the VM. At the moment is 99% full? Also 15gigs of ram allocated.


      I guess the question is (I wrote this to one of our analysts)

      What we came across is that the VM has 100 GB disk space and almost all of it is being used. Problem is that we are missing around 12 Gigs somewhere!! The hard drive has 97.9 Gigs used but on the properties of the complete C drive (all folders hidden as well) it is only 85 Gigs or so. ?????????? Where are the other 12 Gigs?



      Also, the memory allocated for this VM is 15GB of Ram. What is interesting is the CPU Requirements. The OMS requires 2 CPU cores, which we have for this VM, but the repository requires also 2 CPU cores. So does this mean we will need 4 CPU cores if the OMS and the repository are on the same machine or we need 2 VM's. One for each? Maybe this is why the CPU was at 100%?



      We are a small business (as outlined in the EM install).

      Any help would be appreciated!