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    Apex Listener 2, Tomcat and NTLM SSO authentication

    Richard Martens

      Hi there,


      My client has apex environments hosted on OHS using NTLM SSO.



      AuthType NTLM

      AuthName "NTLM authentication"

      NTLMAuth On

      NTLMAuthoritative On

      NTLMOfferBasic On

      NTLMDomain domainname

      in their dads.conf

      Now they're able to find the user using owa_util.get_cgi_env('REMOTE_USER') to find the remote username.

      The applications are only hosted in the intranet, so this suffices.

      Because they want to start using RESTfull webservices they want to switch over to the Apex Listener 2

      However I'm not able to get NTLM working inside the Tomcat server. I know Tomcat isn't officially supported, but according to Kris Rice's blog (Kris' blog: APEX Listener supported App Servers) it soon will be again.


      Does anybody have an idea how to get this working again?