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    How can I disable JavaFX 1.3 runtime to look for binary css?




      Currently my JavaFX 1.3 application looks for binary CSS files (.bss) first. This fails, and as a result the actual css file is loaded.

      Is there a way to influence the JavaFX 1.3 runtime environment such that it does not look for binary css files first?


      I searched the net but I only find people having similar issues with JavaFX 2. For JavaFX 2 this is (a little) better documented though.

      The JavaFX 2 packager provides means to convert css to bss (flag -createbss). See http://docs.oracle.com/javafx/2/deployment/javafxpackager.htm.


      Alternatively, I would like to be able to convert css to bss when I build my application, similar to how it's done in JavaFX 2.

      However, the JavaFX 1.3 packager does not provide such means... hence I'm stuck


      Looking forward to your help/support.


      Many thanks,


      Hugo Loomans