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    Formatting date on EL in runtime


      Forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place.


      I'm trying to put a date on a page where the date is in a session variable.  I access it in EL via:




      If I put this into an HTML markup component in runtime it renders on the page as:




      However I'd like to format this date to include the month name to save any confusion.

      so I saw this:

      date:format(aDate, "yyy-MMM-dd")

      in one of the manuals so tried:


      #{date:format(sessionScope.loginBean.plotData.completionDate, "yyy-MMM-dd")}


      And various other combinations  - but its giving a format error when I try and render it.


      The login bean is defining the date object as: private Date completionDate so it should be outputting a date object.  What am I missing? 


      Thanks in advance and If I'm posting in the wrong forum please let me know where I should be.