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    Software Version Control?


      Has anyone used SVC from Randem Systems for software version control of Forms and Reports?

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          I don't think it makes a difference which version control you use. The important thing to keep in mind is that you cannot merge the binary fmb/rdf sources and therefore it is usually a good idea to lock the source before applying changes. It is also difficult to compare versions, a workaround sometimes used is to store the modules in XML-format (additionally or exclusively).

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          Is there a special reason why you think that SVC has any pros/conns compared to other version control software?




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            Christian Erlinger

            Never seen it, a quick google search came up with this homepage Software Version Control where this

            Microsoft Access 2000 (Jet 4.0) is the default installed database; the database (.mdb) is included with the installation.

            gives me the creeps. It seems to support other databases as a backend as well; however this says a lot about how often this software is extended and enhanced. Also the feature list is kind of short; yes, it holds its data in a database, and it supports multiple vendors, but that's it. It's a bit hard to compare it to a state of the art VCS...


            If you are not already stuck with this system I wouldn't consider it as an option and go for a more widely used VCS like the ones mentioned in the threads Marcus gave you. But that is of course just my opinion.



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              Actually I was just looking for something that was free and wasn't client server based. In the past we used PVCS and then SVN so I'm aware that there isn't any way to compare or merge files when dealing with Forms and Reports so I just wanted some way to maintain multiple versions of forms and reports. I work for a NASA contractor and the contract I work on has recently been moved to another company that out sources most of it's IT and a server isn't available.

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                Christian Erlinger

                Well, you could of course set up a local SVN repository and access it using file:// in your subversion client if you are the only one accessing your subversion repository. Or you could use svnserve instead of apache for doing that. Technically it would be client-server based, but let's not split hairs, both are on the same machine. And once more developer need to access your repository you simply move the repository to a server installation and check out from there. no muss no fuss.


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