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    Actual Cost are not getting updating after assigning resource curve


      Hai all


      As I don't want the cost to be spread Linear , I assigned resource curve to all my assigned Resource .

      While updating the activities I have following issue .when the activity status is in Progress

          1.Actual Cost is not getting updated.
          2.Actual Unit is not Getting Updated.

      1. 3.Unit % Complete is not getting updated.
      2. 4.Earned Value is showing irrelevant Data.
      3. 5.At Completion Cost is not equal to budgeted total cost
      4. 6.At Completion unit is showing Irrerelevant data


      In my Project Setting - Calculation Tab


          Link Budget & At completion for non started activity is ticked

          Recalculate Actual unit & Cost when Duration % Complete Changes is also ticked

      In Resource setting


      Auto Compute actual - Ticked


      Calculate Cost from unit is ticked


      Activity Type - Task Dependent


      Percentage Complete - Duration


      Duration Type - Fixed duration and units


      Presently I am manually updating the Actual Unit (Based on Duration% Curve value ) & At completion unit .

      All the above issue are solved when the above activity status is completed

      if the resource curve are removed from assignment all the

      above issue are solved.


      As of my understanding When we assign resource Curve
      Primavera will not automatically calculate & update the actual units
      or  Units % complete based on
      assigned  Resource curve value & we
      need to manually calculate based on Resource curve & to update the unit %


      Is it Correct . If Not can anyone say how to fix the issue.