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    Run bat file from FDM custom webscript




      I''m an essbase/planning guy being introduced to the world of FDM and I have a basic custom webscript that runs a bat file that needs to copy some files, no maxl commands, just a plain MSDOS COPY. The script is as follows:


      Dim strCMD

      strCMD = "\\<servername>\FDMAPP\COPYFILES.bat"

      API.DataWindow.Utilities.mShellAndWait strCMD, 0


      When I run the script FDM displays that "The script ran successfully" with no error in log but the files are not copied.

      I know the file is found as I've added some script that prints the bat script.

      Will the mShellAndWait command only work to execute maxl commands or all sorts of external processes?


      Thanks for your help

      Santiago Ruiz Ingelmo