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    Synchronizing Region Definition Changes to Contributor Data Files




      We are currently undergoing a site redesign and, as a result, we are working on brand new region templates. In addition to coding templates, we are also writing new region definitions to accommodate the additions and deletions of several elements that pertain to our redesign. Currently, the elements in the new region definition are named the same as the old region definition. Doing this, however, may become a maintenance issue in the future as some of the names do not necessarily pertain to their purpose within the template and site as a whole.


      What I would like to do is rename these elements (all of which are embedded inside the region definition) so that their names are more relevant to their new purpose. The challenge with doing this involves all of the existing contributor data files. Obviously, we do not want to remake these contributor data files to fit the new names inside of the new region definition. It is with that problem, that I turn to you experts for help: Is it possible to synchronize changes made to a region definition so that they also appear in contributor data files?


      For example, if I have an element named "ImgLarge" that I would like to rename to "IntroImage", I would like all of my contributor data files that are associated with this region definition to change their 'wcm:element name' from "ImgLarge" to "IntroImage". Through testing, I have noticed that doing this does not change the contributor data file. In fact, the contributor data file keeps the existing element (ImgLarge) with its data and just creates a new element (IntroImage) for me to populate with content. I'm wondering if there is a tool or process available to synchronize changes made to a region definition out to its contributor data files before I turn to writing a script to accomplish this.


      Here is a summary of what I'm looking for. In essence, I just want the contributor data files to look like their region definitions, while keeping elements' content the same if their names change.

      1. Element name changes get reflected in the CDF (as discussed above)

      2. Element removal results in removal of the content from the CDF

      3. Element addition gets reflected in the CDF (this is done natively, as far as my requirements go).


      Thank you for your time!