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    OpenSPARC T1 Processor for Architecture and Performance Modeling Tools


      Hello All,

      I am trying to install this modelling tool and running into different errors.

      I am following the readme file and then readme_sam.txt file to follow installation procedure.


      1) after SAM and SAS installation, when i try to install blaze_64.sh, it throws out different errors simply from "/ni_mod folder not exist" (an script error) to integer size mismatch :-(

           - I am installing this on Solaris 10 with SPARC processor (Single core).

      2) Then I decided to stop blaze_64.sh installation and wanted to play with SAM console, but after I wanted to execute "mod load rstrace ./rstracer.so", it comes with the following error: "dlopen:  ld.so.1: blaze64: fatal: ./rst.so: open failed: No such file or directory"

           - I tried looking online and found an Archived thread (T1 Sam Simulator Trace Tool Broken?) which suggests to re-install and install blaze_64.sh as well. (which i tried and still same issue).

      3) Is there a manual/user guide somewhere that I may be missing to install/play with this tool or any support community for this tool?