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    ORA-942 from the OEM 12c installation Database Connection Details page during 2-system upgrade




      I am trying to upgrade our production OEM from to using the 2-system method.  When I try to continue from the Database Connections Details page after specifying the connection details for the copy of the repository on the new host, this error pops up:

      ERROR:ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

      Unable to connect to the database and validate whether it is a supported database due to one of the following reasons:

          (1) Incorrect credentials

          (2) Listener may be down

          (3) Database may be down.

      Check the credentials, the status of the listener and the database, and retry.


      This error did not occur when we used the same procedure to upgrade a test installation.  Additionally, I tried changing the connection details to connect to original production repository and got the same error.  This seems to indicate that the problem is specific to this repository.


      I turned on sql trace for another try and found this error in the trace file:

      The following statement encountered a error during parse:

      select count(1) from mgmt_targets where target_type='host' and target_name='oem12c.gfcsap.com'

      Error encountered: ORA-00942


      This error makes no sense to me as mgmt_targets is present in the sysman schema.


      Any suggestions on how to get past this would be appreciated.