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    Trouble printing a dashboard


      Hi all,

      I'm trying to print a dashboard and the trouble is that if the dashboard has, say 6 rows, when I print (or just preview), it will only show the first two rows of portlets.  It seems that it is making use of the browser's print capability, not P6's own print setup options.  By going into page setup, and zooming out to 50%, I was able to get a printout that wasn't cut off at the sides, but still only shows the first two rows of portlets, not all 6 rows.  Normally I would think this is just they way it works and it is limited here, but (and maybe I'm crazy) I thought a previous version (like back in version 5 or 6) you could print the entire dashboard.  Any comments would be helpful.  Anyone know of any workarounds?  Is this still the case in EPPM Rel 8.3 sp1?  Thanks!