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    OEM 12c: scheduling backup for group problem


      Hello sir,


      I am new to OEM12c and trying to schedule backup for a group that I defined.

      But I got the following error:


      Unable to connect to the database with SQLPlus, either because the database is down or due to an environmental issue such as an incorrectly specified Oracle Home.

      If the database is up, check the database target monitoring properties and verify that the Oracle Home value is correct.


      I have selected all the three databases in that group and all gets the same error.

      Now, problem is that database is running properly and the target monitoring properties for Oracle Home is correct then also it shows this error.

      Is there any other location where I require to set Oracle Home? While scheduling backup wizard didn't ask me for oracle home.


      I also want to inform that backup of individual target (in that group) is done properly at target level, problem is at group level.

      Please help.


      Thanks in advance