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    Max connections in OFM 11g forms and reports


      Dear All,


      Can i know how many connections are possible per Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g forms and reports?

      Following are the server details i have


      OS               : Windows 2008 x64 BIT

      RAM            : 64 GB

      CPU             : 2 CPU with 8 core each

      Expect usrs :     14000 per day

      heapsize     :     3Gb


      Thank you,


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          Hi Vikhar,


          We cannot give you the exact number of connection that you can configure based on your OS architecture details.

          This needs load testing to be done with various values.


          What is your request flow ? Do you use any webserver such as Oracle http server as a frontend to your Forms application ?

          In such case the MaxClients have to be defined at the webserver level.