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    Making Tabular Form Non-Editable in Update Mode


      Hi All,


                My requirement is to make the Tabular Form Non-Editable in Update mode but when I insert a new row in the update mode I must be able to edit the Tabular Form fields of the new row.


      So I looked through the forum and found the below solution which is supposed to have worked in APEX 4.1 but I am using APEX  and it doesn't seem to work for me .


      Here is what I followed as per another discussion's solution:


      "Step 1 --> Create a Java Script and add it to the JavaScript --> Function and Global Variable Section

      One Can get the name by using Right Clicking on the PK field in Chrome and Selecting Inspect Element

      function ro()


          var pk_id = document.getElementsByName("f02");

          for (var i=0;i<pk_id.length;i++)




                 pk_id[i].readOnly = "readonly";




      Step 2 --> Create a Dynamic Action

      Select Advanced

      Select the Event --> Framework Events -->After Refresh --> Region --> Select Your Tabular form Region

      Condition --> No Condition

      True Action --> Execute JavaScript Code

      In the Code box type javascript:ro()

      The box will only make the Existing Rows RO, When one presses the AddRow as the region is not refreshed the user is able to add new data in the text field.

      Works with Delete and Cancel as well."

      Can someone help me out with this?


      Thanks and Regards,