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    Oracle 10 g forms access via web in client system


      Dear Friends and Experts,



      I am working in oracle forms 6i now,we are about to migrate forms 6i to forms 10G version.I am using developer Suite 10g to develope forms and reports.

      I can run the forms and reports in my own system where the developer suite was installed its working in the browser perfectly.But when I try to access the forms through my client system which also exsits in the same network,I could not access.I used the following URL to access the forms in IE browser."






      hrapp is the form which I configured in the formsweb.cfg file.If I run this above URL in my client system it does not load anything instead its just saying Page cannot be found.

      What is the problem its seems?.Will I have to install any additional software in the client system to access the forms service like jinitiator.If yes the how to configure and access the forms.



      Waiting for reply.Please some body help me to come out of this.