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      I open a bunch of new database connections in separate tabs, then click "Save All" at some point.  I get prompted about where to save each tab, BUT, the tab being saved currently is not highlighted, and they are not always (actually, rarely) processed in the order they appear in, so I can't tell which tab I'm working with in the save dialog.  This is really annoying.  Am I missing something?



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          The proposed file name indicates the worksheet in play - it matches the worksheet label. Does that help?

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            Its always starts from the left most work sheet and goes in order  and once you save it changes the name of the worksheet with the name you provided.

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              Sorry guys, no go on either.  The proposed file name in the Save dialog is always "Untitled.sql", and in my experience, "Save All" rarely processes the tabs in any predictable order.


              I've had this issue in both version 3.x and 4.x



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                I have an unsaved worksheet


                I hit 'Save All'


                SQL Developer comes back with the save dialog with this in the filename bit of the Save dialog:
                hr @ orcl.sql


                hr @ orcl is the label of the worksheet.


                I don't see the untitled behavior.

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                  Still nope.  I just Alt-F10'ed a new worksheet, logged into a database, entered and ran (successfully) an SQL statement, then clicked "Save All".  I'm looking at a "Save" dialog with yet again "Untitled.sql" in the "File name:" box.  The tab clearly has my db's name in it, but I have never gotten that name defaulted in the Save dialog.  Is there some preference setting that affects this maybe?  I use the defaults mostly, but I always turn off the auto-completion items.

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                    What OS are you on? For reference, I'm on Windows 7.

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                      I'm on Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 now, but this has been happening even with my previous 32-bit XP desktop and SQL Developer 3.0.03.   I'm in the middle of switching from SQL Developer 3.0.03 32-bit to 3.2.20 64-bit and fired up the 32-bit version by mistake...it's the one with the "Untitled.sql" showing up.  The 64-bit version defaults to a blank "File name:" box.