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    help on using PJC

    Fabrizio Delli Priscoli

      Hi all. I'm on devsuite 11g Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production).

      I have some problems in using PJC.

      I want to run this form, A FTP Java Bean - Oracle Forms PJCs/Java Beans , because there are some features that can help me in another form.

      I have made changes to my formsweb.cfg file in my runtime section as follow:





      I have added ftpbean.jar,simpleFTP.jar files in the two parameters.


      I have also copied the two files in my forms/java directory and this is the path of my forms java directory: C:\ORACLE\forms11g\Middleware\Oracle_FRHome1\forms\java


      Problem is that in form builder when I go to the bean area it says me that doesn't found this class: oracle.forms.fd.SimpleFTP


      I also tried to import this class using java importer, but I'm not able to find this class in the list of classes availables.


      Also I'm not able to run this form...


      Can anyone help me to solve this problem???


      Thanks for collaboration,