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    Set Form Values From Interactive Report Row


      Using Apex 4.2.


      I have two tables: T1 and T2


      Table T1 contains five columns: CT11, CT12, CT13, CT14, CT15


      Table T2 contains 4 columns: CT21, CT22, CT23, CT24


      I have a page with two regions. Region 1 is a Form on a Table using table T1. Region 2 is an Interactive Report ( IR ) on table T2.


      The SQL for region 2 is:   select apex_item.RADIOGROUP(p_idx => 1, p_value => CT21) "Choose", CT22, CT23, CT24 from T2;


      When the user clicks a radio button for a row in the Interactive Report, I would like the values in the IR cells CT22, CT23, CT24 to populate the CT13, CT14, CT15 fields in the table form in region 1. If a user clicks another row radio button, the values should update.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!