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    Message(' ');


      Hello, I would like to have some information about the function message(),,

      I know that it is used to show message,, but if I want to show some messages and in the same message the triangle with i symbol , what would I do.


      If I used this :

      message('Hello');message(' ');


      The message will be shown but, it will be like an error message. How can I modify it to have a better looking message.

      Thank you

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          Message() built in is mainly used to Display message on message line of console window. When we write Message('***');

          Message('***') two times, due to at a time one message will be display on message line, default system alert is displayed.


          Your requirement can be fulfilled by using the Alerts object of form builder. You can follow following steps.

          1. Select alerts node in object navigator and press create button (or double click) to create an alert, name it.

          2. display property paleete by pressing F4, and set following properties

              i)Name: My_Warn_Alert

              i)Title: Warning

              ii)Alert Style: Caution

              iii)Button1 Label : Ok

              iv) Button2 Lable: (blank it)

          3. Create a procedure using Program unit node


          Procedure Show_Msg(Msg VARCHAR2);



          al_button Number;


            al_id := Find_Alert('My_Warn_Alert');

            Set_Alert_Property(al_id, alert_message_text, Msg );

            al_button := Show_Alert( al_id );




          Now use Show_Msg('  '); in place of Message('  ' );

          Note: no need to write 2 times show_msg();

          Show_Msg('You write your message text');


          Like you can choose alert style Note(for showing simple message), Stop (to show error)