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    Nimbus Look & Feel ignoring ComponentOrientation in Russia


      I have a diagramming tool with a lot of JOptionPane dialogs in it, and in Russia, one user (that I know of) is seeing the choice buttons in the order Cancel/No/Yes, i.e. RTL. The user is running under Linux, and in this case the tool uses the Nimbus L & F.


      Even after I force ComponentOrientation on all components to LTR in the code, and the user changes the locale from Russia to US, Nimbus still displays RTL. So apparently Nimbus is using some different "locale" information from Java's. When he switched his L&F to System L&F, however, with no other changes to the tool's code, the ComponentOrientation displayed LTR, as specified by the setComponentOrientation logic..


      I tried Nimbus on my machine (here in Canada), and it respects ComponentOrientation here, even when I set it to RTL - both using System L&F and Nimbus!   Very strange!


      Can anyone shed light on this?  What locale information could Nimbus be using that System L&F doesn't?