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    Change user Password through form

    Adeel Qadir

      Hey Allzzzzz.

      Is there any way to change user password through form ?

      i means when user click Change Password button or Menu then a New Form open with 3 fields

      Old Password
      New Password
      Verify new Password

      if 3 of all fields are true then user password has been changed.

      Need it in Forms 6i

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          If you are a owner of the program then it is possible.

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            Do you mean to change  user's  password  in FORMS  or  users  Database login

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              Trying to remember 6i (how many decades ago ?) .. doesn't the standard login box allow this ?

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                Adeel Qadir

                Yes i want to change user Login password.

                I have a Menu name is CHANGE PASSWORD

                I want to do that when user pressed CHANGE PASSWORD

                New form open up and user change their password on this form

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                      al_button number;

                      v_username number;

                      ncount number;


                  Study the code below:



                      IF :password.psd_word IS NULL OR     

                          :password.con_psd_word IS NULL  THEN

                          Set_Alert_Property('gen_msg',Alert_Message_Text,'Please, enter/confirm password');

                          al_button := Show_Alert('Gen_Msg');


                          Raise Form_Trigger_Failure;



                       ELSIF :password.psd_word <> :password.con_psd_word THEN

                         Set_Alert_Property('gen_msg',Alert_Message_Text,'The new password was not correctly confirmed');

                         al_button := Show_Alert('Gen_Msg');


                         Raise Form_Trigger_Failure;



                     END IF;


                         -- ** now, confirm whether to save

                          Set_Alert_Property('yes_or_no', alert_message_text,'Do you want to change your password now?');

                          al_button := Show_Alert('yes_or_no');

                          IF al_button = alert_button1 then   -- ok was pressed                     



                        forms_ddl('alter user '||:GLOBAL.the_username||' identified by '||:password.psd_word);

                      if not form_success then

                         message('problem encountered changing user password');    message('');

                            raise form_trigger_failure;

                      end if;







                           END IF;