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    How to share project revenue between two organizations


      Our business has the need to share/split Project revenue on a percentage basis between two different organizations within the same operating unit.  The resources providing labor for the project may come from multiple organizations (and even different operating units), but we want to generate revenue based on a predetermined percentage (not based on actual expenditures in a provider/receiver relationship) between two predetermined organizations.   Each project will have only one customer.

      Essentially - For Project 12345 for Customer ABC, when we generate revenue, we want 25% percent of the revenue to go to Cost Center AAAA, and the remaining 75% to go to Cost Center BBBB. What is the best way to accomplish this?  Can this be achieved by a special billing extension that can perform the calculation and choose the proper account strings for the resulting revenue?  I've seen the descriptions of Intra Company Cross Charging and Interproject Billing, and they don't really seem to be an ideal fit for our needs. Does anyone know of a good way to accomplish this?