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    Folder/Public Folder - What is the maximum file size before the URL created no longer works

    Miriam Brace -Oracle


      I have received links to files in beehive folder, where the URL will not load as the file name is to long and it's reach some type of maximum display limit for the URL.


      Is there a maximum document file name length before the URL hit some type of cut of point?

      For example if the document is in a folder, within a folder, within a folder and then the file name, how long can the file name be or how many folders can you go down to in the document area before some type of cut of limit is reached.

      I will locate the example as I am seeing this a lot when the URL comes from a specific team and there seem to be a lot of folders within folders.


      There was nothing in the documentation that I could find - Thanks in advance for your help.