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    &. syntax not working in branch to page


      APEX V4.


      I have created a branch on my page 98 with the following attributes...

      Target type= branch to page in application.    

      Page = &P98_FROM_PAGE.

      On arriving on page 98, I set P98_FROM_PAGE hidden item to &APP_PAGE_ID. (i.e. 62) through an interactive report icon link.  The value is being set correctly as evidenced through viewing session state on page 98.

      When I delete a record on P98 I want to branch back to the calling page which can be different depending on where I came from.  If I use &P98_FROM_PAGE. then the generated URL has a "null" in the page position of the URL and takes me to the home page??  If I hard code the page number (62)  in the Page attribute of the branch then it works fine as expected.

      Is this a bug?  I'm sure this was possible in earlier versions of APEX??!

      Thanks in advance